Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Guess Which Colorado City Wants to "Nationalize" Xcel

Oh, this is fun.

Boulder wants to acquire “some or all” of nine Xcel substations serving Boulder as well as a 115kV transmission loop and its accessories. Apparently, the city council voted to create this utility and negotiations directly with Xcel failed. Last month, Xcel sued Boulder for overstepping its bounds in the process.

Boulder is claiming the right under the state constitution to condemn property with just compensation for the public good. TRANSLATION: Boulder wants Xcel’s property to set up a competitor organization, so it will use condemnation to get it.

In short, they want to "nationalize" Xcel just like petty Communist dictators have been doing for decades. It's funny, shortly afterward, I saw a similar story from Seoul where the government is explicitly banning Uber so they can setup their own app-based taxi service. Apparently, nationalizing industry is all the rage. And who can forget the attempts by Venezuela to nationalize the oil industry, the power grid, even the toilet paper industry. If (now deceased) dictator Hugo Chavez can nationalize the power company, why can't Boulder, Colorado?

If activists in Boulder were really honest about wanting to create their own "cleaner, reliable and competitively priced" energy company, they could start one and go through all the expense of building out the infrastructure to support it. No, they would rather plunder those who have already done so and, at the same time, kill off any competition and line their own pockets. All in the spirit of responsible government, of course.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Episode 108: Microsoft Cuts 18,000; Movie Plot Threats

Music Free Static Episode 108

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Welcome to Music Free Static. This is episode 108 recorded on July 19th, 2014.

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2 0:01:08 Microsoft Lays off 18,000

Microsoft is laying off a huge number of people. What does this mean for Microsoft and the tech industry? I wildly speculate on today's show.

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4 0:35:07 Movie Plot Threats

We live in a dangerous world. It's in the best interest of the FBI and DHS to remind us of that. The question is: How many of the threats that we're warned about are we going to see in real life and how many will never make it off the screen?

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