NRA Endorses John Salazar

The Pueblo Chieftain is reporting that the NRA has endorsed John Salazar again. The Chieftain says the NRA has endorsed Salazar since 2006.

In giving Salazar an "A" on his congressional voting rating, the NRA political committee noted that most recently Salazar supported legislation to allow the carrying of firearms in national parks and wildlife areas as well as co-sponsored legislation to reform the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Unlike his shakiness on fiscal issues, Salazar has had a pretty good record when it comes to guns. This isn't the same as the almost endorsement that Harry Reid tried to buy in Nevada.

For all the crap I give Salazar, he does get some props for his stand on gun rights. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be forcibly unemployed in November. The man's been a Pelosi stooge since he got to Washington and it's time to get rid of him.