Gun Taxes Coming to Colorado?


A Denver Democrat wants potential gun buyers to pay for their own criminal background checks, and pump the savings into mental-health treatment.

But state Rep. Lois Court said Monday she hasn't done any research yet to see whether her proposal is feasible. She said she needs to talk with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation — the state agency charged with checking the backgrounds of customers to see if they are eligible to purchase firearms — before she decides whether to introduce a bill next session.

There's certainly something to be said for gun purchasers paying for their own background check. I had to pay for the background check for my concealed carry permit. (It would be nice if the CBI would take credit cards or personal checks.) The question is, how many times a year do you need to have your background checked? I know of people who buy several guns during a year. Do they really need a new background check every time they buy a gun? I doubt it.

A reasonable handgun is going to run you between $600 and $800. CBI charges $52.50 for a criminal background check. That doesn't seem like much in comparison to the price of the gun but it's still a tax on your ability to defend yourself.

A couple of years ago Jon Caldara called for an end to Colorado's Insta-check saying that, instead, Colorado could rely on the Federal checks. At the time, I didn't think that eliminating local control of those checks was a great idea. I still don't but there's something to be said for eliminating the redundant check.

All in all, it's just another attempt by the foolish, misguided and ignorant Left to prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves.