More Gun Grabber Games in Denver

More fun from the gun grabbers in Denver. First up this time is another attempt to prevent people from doing what they choose with their own property.

Fields said Monday that under one of the bills she will sponsor, Coloradans who look to purchase a gun through a private transaction would be subject to background checks. Current state law does not require such a process for the private sale of firearms.

How dare people dispose of their own property without government permission. David Kopel of the Independence Institute points out the obvious: there's no way to enforce such a proposal. It not like your basic gang banger is picking up guns and the local gun show.

There's also a proposal to ban 50 and 100 round magazines. Again, the only thing it does is restrict law abiding citizens from owning them. It's all about control for progressives.

Speaking of control, the extra cash the CBI is asking for to pay for staff to keep up with the flood of background checks will not happen. Okay, officially it's stalled but the reality is that Democrats are more than happy to let the backlog continue. The less convenient gun ownership is, the better the tyrants in the Democrat party like it. They will continue to piddle, twiddle and resolve until they strip Coloradans of the right to defend themselves.