Sen. Brophy Proposes Eliminating Background Checks for Gun Buyers with CCW

The Denver Post has an article on how the inevitable restriction Democrats want to put on the sale of private property will mean that Colorado will have to dump more money into the CBI. That's fairly obvious and, actually, pretty boring but the article contained this interesting alternative.

State Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, said he is sponsoring a bill with state Rep. Steve Humphrey, R-Severence, which eliminates background checks for those who possess a concealed carry weapons permit.

CCW permit holders already have to undergo background checks to receive their permit. They are also much less likely to commit violent crimes compared to the rest of the population. It makes sense not to repeat the check. Along those same lines, it seems pointless to keep checking and rechecking a person who buys multiple guns in a year. Perform the check on the first gun and let that check remain valid for one year.

Lawmakers (and everyone else for that matter) need to remember that no system will be 100 percent perfect. No matter what system of checks the legislature puts in place, someone will be missed and that person will shoot someone. At some point, the so-called gains made by repeated checks will be too small to matter. My wild guess says that we're already there. Of course, that won't stop tyrants who want certainty in an uncertain world.