The Gun Violence Lie

The anti-liberty crowd is again trying to redefine the gun debate. They claim to be against gun violence but what they are really against is gun ownership by law abiding citizens. Look at every proposal they are making. Every single one of them is aimed at disarming honest people and leaving the criminals armed. Then there was Piers "I get to dictate how you exercise your rights" Morgan who had this little gem.

Guess what, Piers? Murder is already harshly punished up to and including death in many states. To paraphrase Ron White, if you kill a child, we will kill you back. However, a free society does not punish people for crimes they did not commit. I did not shoot up a school, theater or shopping mall nor do I have any desire to. Yet, Piers and his liberty destroying cohorts would rather see me and other free citizens disarmed and made easy victims for criminals.

I know the anti-freedom folks hate to hear it but the gun laws (mostly) worked at Sandy Hook. The shooter was unable to legally buy a gun. Instead, he killed his mother and stole her guns. Where they failed was at the school itself where dozens of innocents died because no one at the school was allowed the tools to fight back effectively.

Nothing that has been proposed, except some of the mental health suggestions, would do anything to stop violence of any kind. I have my doubts about the mental heath suggestions, too. (If you stigmatize a person for going to a psychiatrist to deal the anger and/or violent tendencies, they will choose not to go.) Every suggestion is based on the idea that gun owners are powder kegs just waiting for the right spark to send them into a rage, killing everyone around them. That is not the case and never has been.

Here's another inconvenient question for ya Piers? What if, by exercising my right to carry a gun, I save a child from being murdered? There will always be bad guys with guns. The best way to stop them is good guys with guns.