Colorado Braces for More Taxes

What did I tell you? Democrats get into power and they want to tax everything. This time it's cigarettes. I talked about Oregon trying ban cigarettes on the show last week. It's to "save lives", of course. It always is. Their stated logic is amusing. "Let's tax it to get people to stop smoking and look how much money we're gonna get!"

Colorado Democrats, at least, are honest about their new tax. They just want your money. $28 million of in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. It's the poor that will be hurt the most by the tax but I don't know the last time I actually saw a Democrat policy that truly benefited the poor. Sadly, Republicans are more than thrilled to get in on the tax. They're all one big taxing family in Denver.

They are using one of the many loopholes that the Colorado Supreme Court to raise the tax without fulfilling the Constitutional requirement to ask the voters if it's okay to take their money. The Court has ruled that eliminating tax exemptions doesn't count as a tax hike. It defies common sense but there you go.