Denver Post is Pushing for Gun Registration

Once again, the Denver Post shows its true colors with an "article" which argues for universal gun registration. It's all in the name of having data to work with. "If only lawmakers knew how many people had guns," they argue, "they could make smarter decisions." Bull.

The government has no right to know what things a person owns. All of these wannabe tyrants would throw a hissy fit if the government demanded that everyone register their books, movies, alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. It's no different for gun ownership.

There's an idea. We need background checks to buy alcohol. After all, a person my have a history of DUI or they might drink and drive later, killing someone. We have to be able to know where that alcohol came from so that we can hold the liquor store responsible.

Gun registration, inevitably, leads to gun confiscation or "mandatory gun buy back" as they've taken to calling it. After all, the Fourth Amendment doesn't allow the government to seize private property without just compensation. As an aside, I wonder how the Denver Post would feel about a mandatory printing press buy back program? It not as if any law abiding citizen cares about their Constitutional rights.

This isn't the first time they've argued against the legal rights of gun owners. Remember this little gem of a poll during the debates in the House?