Johnston's Proposed School Finance Bill is One Big Tax Hike

Democrat Senator Mike Johnston has rolled out a new school finance plan. You can read the full plan on Johnston's website. As you might guess from a Democrat funding bill, it's big on tax hikes.

The 144 page plan lays out a plan to change the funding formula for schools. The plan leans hard on the redistribution of money to smaller school districts and bribes school districts into passing a 2.3 mill increase in property taxes by promising them extra funding if the taxes are hiked.

There are definite issues with education funding in Colorado. Contrary to the statements of tax happy people in Denver, TABOR isn't an issue. (Well, it is if you want to confiscate money from Coloradans without asking permission.) Amendment 23 is a problem. No law that requires an increase in spending regardless of the state's fiscal situation is a good one. The Gallagher amendment has its own problems which limit how local governments can handle their property taxes. This bill doesn't help either situation, as far as I can tell.

No, this bill is just lots of tax hikes rolled into one. I'm sure it won't do anything to our already struggling economy.