Happy Independence Day! Who knows how many more there will be before our rights to property, self defense and speech are still protected by our government. 240 years is a good run right?

California just passed as series of draconian gun laws including one that requires a background check to buy ammunition. They won’t matter much to stop actual crime. Like all such prohibitions, they are only followed by the law abiding.

People must constantly be on guard in case any word they say may be take as offensive in some way. If you are a student on a college campus, saying the wrong thing may cost you your chance to earn a degree.

Sadly, people are more concerned about which bathroom people use than the near constant attacks on basic rights by the very governments that are supposed to protect and preserve them.

On the plus side, the two leading presidential candidates are authoritarian demagogues who will gladly strip citizens of their rights if it suits their purpose.

We can’t even count on Congress to help. They have been so busy ceding power to the Executive Branch that the President is the next best thing to a King.

In 2010, I had hope that they Tea Party revolution would change the Republican Party. It would move back to the principles of liberty and limited government. That hope was vain. If there are more that a dozen people in Congress who truly believe in limited government over party power, I’d be surprised.

Even the concept of a civil society has disappeared. Across the border, Black Lives Matter shutdown a Toronto gay pride parade until their list of demands were met. Across the US, various groups see nothing wrong with rioting because Donald Trump or a conservative person is speaking in the city or on campus.

I predict that by America’s 250th birthday – ten short years from now – those basic rights which Americans have to come to take for granted will be no more. I have no hope that anything can be done to change that.

So, America, enjoy the festivities today. Who knows how much longer we’re be able to before Independence Day celebrations are declared racist and canceled.