Look, I’m sorry your lying, corrupt, power hungry, ego maniac lost to the other lying, corrupt, power hungry, ego maniac. The world isn’t ending. America didn’t fail a test. Maybe if your candidate wasn’t a lying, corrupt, power hungry, ego maniac the results would have been different.

Yes, your child has to spend some of her growing up years in a world where Donald Trump is president. Guess what? Mine had to spend their growing up years in a world where Barack Obama was president.

I knew that if Obama was elected, I would lost some amount of liberty. That absolutely happened. Property rights were destroyed to pay for another in a long line of failing government programs. I watched as he and his cronies tried to find ways for him to unilaterally remove my right to defend myself.

Guess what? The world is still here.

Am I happy Hillary Clinton lost? Absolutely. Am I happy Trump won? Not in the slightest. I expect that liberty will further erode under Trump just as it would have under Clinton. In different ways perhaps, but America will be less free.

I have hope that some of the abuses of liberty from the last eight years will be rolled back. I suspect that it is a false hope. Still, the world spins on.

All y’all with your “America failed the test” and “I’m ashamed to be an American” need to woman up. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled two year olds who didn’t get their way.

Here’s an idea. Maybe you should vote in candidates that will rein in the power of the presidency, then it won’t be such a big deal if your preferred candidate didn’t win. Even better, vote in candidates that will rein in all government power. Sadly, neither Democrat or Republican parties seem all that interested. Until that changes, American liberty will continue to decline.

One other thing … no. Never mind. The otherization of members of the opposing party is a topic for another day.

Until then, get a grip.